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Meet Chef Fregene Gbubemi

CEO, Chef Fregz

Private Chef, Knorr Taste Quest Judge and all shades of awesome. Born in the south-western Nigerian city of Abeokuta. He is a part of, what can be called ‘the new-age Nigerian youth’ – who are carving out niches for themselves, as creatives, outside of the regular professional career paths. As a Chef, Gbubemi’s passion is to merge a creativity that is fresh and unbridled with elements of the budding youth culture and the world class training he received at Le Cordon Bleu in order to make every meal a truly unique culinary experience.

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Our Journey
From Egg Stew to Sweet Potato Puree

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On completion of his diploma at Le Cordon Bleu, Gbubemi worked as an intern at the Prestigious Market Restaurant, Paris between November 2010 and February 2011. And he was the only one of that batch of interns that was retained in the restaurant’s employ after the internship period. On his return to Nigeria, the Chef Fregz brand was birthed out of a need for the young chef to communicate and connect with the upwardly mobile crowd which he has serviced hitherto.

Chef Fregz started of as DVARD which was a grilling BBQ and finger only brand. We slowly ventured into doing food for people but kept it low at 20 people maximum. It progressed to us being able to cater for larger crowds, but not more than 50 people. We also started to specialise in bespoke private dinners. We did tailor-made menus to the specifications and desires of our clients. We also sold experiences to our clients not just food. The business kind of just ran with all that came its way. Suddenly we started doing work for major brands like Knorr, Kenwood and most recently Samsung.

As of now Chef Fregz has grown to the point where we have our space and have product lines like our canapés, our private dinners, catering and consultation work.


years of serving food made from love and recipes from our heart.