Chef Fregz Special Is Back & We Wish You A Very Fregz Christmas

December 6, 2014

It’s that time of year where you love, eat and eat even some more. This Christmas… I wanted to share some of the meals that I personally enjoy eating and me re-living some food tour experiences I had earlier this year in my travels. Herbs play a crucial role in my cooking, so my favourite herb Rosemary is making a feature. My love for Port wine is also expressed here…

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The Return of The Fregzinator!!!!

CHEF FREGZ SPECIAL IS BACK! After the 6month hiatus the Chef is finally back to dish! This special is inspired by the promise to “be back again as the Fregzinator” and also the Chef’s recent food tour int he U S of A. It kicks off at 12noon at the GET Arena in Oniru, Lekki Lagos. So kindly reach for your google calendar or whatever planner you have and lock…

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NOEL PAR CHEF FREGZ… The Chef Fregz Christmas Special

CHEF FREGZ SPECIAL IS BACK! Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2014 to you! First off thank you for your support this year. Especially those that gave their constructive criticism and even the shade throwers made me better through this year. However before we say ciao to 2013 heres whats going to be on at this christmas special by Chef Fregz. The Chef has gone to Asia for inspiration and has…

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The Experience Series: The Barcelona Nostalgia

September 20, 2013
  • IMG_3684

About three years ago my friend and sister Iynuola Ahmadu decided that her birthday needed to be worldwide tripping so she emailed a bunch of us more or less forcing us to come. I had some free time and fortunately money so I booked that EasyJet ticket and made my way to Barcelona. Being in Spain meant two things. Eat a good Paella and Eat a Good Paella. And that I…

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The Noodle House… The Spring Roll Remembrance

September 13, 2013

Quite frankly, since I was in the mood for adventure in my kitchen I did not want to measure anything but put as much of whatever I wanted to come through after the rolls had gotten its hot bath in blistering hot oil. However, I am going to write a recipe that should serve as a guideline for you have some direction when you try it. Please  feel free to…

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The Experience Series: The Cotonou Ocean Drive

A few weeks ago my friend Soso Braide sent me a message on Instagram saying he wanted me to come have a meeting with a restaurant in Cotonou, Benin Republic. Without too much thought I jumped at it. Soso personally came to pick and drive me all the way back to Cotonou. The road trip was great but what was even greater was the amazing fish that awaited me I…

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What I Did a few Fridays ago

This post is long overdue and I know it! With thanks to God it’s here now. A few weeks ago I got the call and the awesome privilege to cater the launch of the Gold Label Reserve by Johnnie Walker. It happened on the 16th of this month and I was such a great night out. I mean free Gold reserve Label was flowing like a fountain! It went down…

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11 and Going Stronger… Thank You!

The 28th of July finally came and with all thanks to God it was such a blast! Two Saturdays before Chef Fregz Special, I had suffered a nasty oil burn on my right index finger. I was more or less handicapped for 2 weeks and was slightly nervous constantly wondering if I could prep and cook appropriately for the Special. I was so worried that after putting together my Asia-Afric…

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What’s Your Flavour? The Marinade101 Series : Spiced Yougurt

Salut a toutes! Hope you are having a good friday. On Bellanaija where I am the cuisine columnist, I started the above series that would simultaneously run here too. How to season or flavour meat and food in general is something people always ask advice of me. At Chef Fregz Private catering we are always trying out new spices or combining spices in different way to give better tasting results…

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